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We take your right to privacy seriously and understand you’d like to easily digest what private information we collect, hold, and what we might use it for across our business.

This Policy provides information in relation to the basis upon which we collect, hold, use and disclose your Personal Information. Personal Information has the same meaning as in the Privacy Act 2020. In essence, it is information relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual or which is linked to an identified individual.

This Policy applies to your use of the NZSki Limited website and services, and also covers your MyPass account. By accessing our websites, and by using your MyPass account and our services, you agree to the terms of this Policy.

From time to time, as laws, technology or our operations change, so too might this policy. We’ll make sure we keep these changes updated so you’re kept informed.



What information do we collect?

Personal information we may collect and store includes but is not limited to:

  • Name, D.O.B, Phone number, Address, Email address
  • Emergency contact details
  • Purchasing information that might be relevant to a products or services you purchased or booked such as medical and dietary conditions, height, weight, shoe size, date and time
  • Demographic information including age, gender, ethnicity, language
  • Billing/shipping address
  • Payment information
  • A profile photo
  • Content of all communications and any other information which assists us to provide our products and services
  • Information collected by us from social media accounts used to access NZSki services.
  • Location information using IP address, signal strength from public WiFi access points, and the use of the service
  • Information collected about your computer, tablet, phone, or other electronic device used to access services, Including the MAC address, Operating System, browser types and other unique identifiers available.

We collect your Personal Information when you provide it to us (including creating a MyPass account), when you enter one of our competitions, when you contact us, or when you purchase our products, (whether online or over the phone, including through third party service providers). We also collect your Personal Information when you interact with the marketing communications we send you and through your use of our services.

Our websites may automatically collect log information about your access to our services, including time of access, IP address, browser type, location and device identifiers. This information may be collected through third party tools. For further information about this we recommend looking at our Cookies Policy below.

Your Personal Information may also be collected from third parties you authorise us to contact, or by agents who are authorised by you to provide such information, or as otherwise permitted by the Act.

Our website may also state other ways in which we collect information from you.

If you access our website from outside of New Zealand, you agree that any Personal Information you provide us is subject to this Policy and the Act.

Our free public WiFi will collect information provided by you or your social media account when signing up for the service. The information provided by social media platforms is configured by the end-user registration and you should consult the social media platform’s Privacy Policy for the full details of the data that is collected. We may collect usage data, information about the device used to access the service.

If you do not provide the Personal Information that we ask you to provide, or the information is incorrect, we may not be able to confirm your purchase, correctly provide the requested product or service (i.e. age, shoe size or experience level), appropriately identify you in the case of any incident, provide refunds, respond to an enquiry, or contact you.

If you enrol a child at Skiwiland in connection with your purchase of a product, the information we request in relation to your child when you make the enrolment is required to be provided to us under the Education Act 1989 and the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Additional information may also be required from you at the time your child arrives at Skiwiland. If this information is not provided we will be unable to admit your child to Skiwiland.


Personal information of others

If you provide us with Personal Information relating to a third party you warrant you are authorised to do so and that you have ensured the individual is aware of the information in this Policy. If you provide us Personal Information about others, or if others give us your information, in relation to any purchase then it will be used as set out in this Policy. If it is provided in a different context, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us, or as otherwise permitted by the Act.

If you provide information about any child or any other person who is not able to understand and/or agree to this Policy, then you acknowledge that you are agreeing to this Policy on their behalf.

We may disclose a child’s Personal Information to their parent or legal guardian if requested by their parent or guardian.

We may also disclose any of your Personal Information relevant to any purchase of a product to the individual who made that purchase.

If you have enrolled a child in Skiwiland, we require information about them under the Education Act 1989 and the Education Regulations 2008.


Social Media and third party websites

Like many of you, we use social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok, Whatsapp and Instagram. Anything you post on these sites, or third-party websites like Trip Advisor, is available for others to see.

From time to time we may use the information you have shared on these sites for different purposes. These third-party services have their own privacy policies but if you don’t want to provide personal information to them or make your information public, you shouldn’t use their platform.

Where the functionality of our websites or other services that allow you to login using your login information from a social media platform such as Facebook, you authorise us to disclose your login information, such as your name, email address and encrypted access information to the social media platform to enable the platform to verify your details. You authorise us to collect and use such verification information to provide you access to services and as otherwise set out in this Policy. The information available to us from a social media platform is affected by the privacy settings you establish with that platform.

All third party services are governed by the privacy policies and/or practices of the relevant third party, for which we are not responsible. If you do not want to provide Personal Information to any of those third parties, or make information publicly available, you should not use their particular service.


Why we collect your information

We generally collect personal information about you to help provide you with information that best suits your needs.

We’ll also send you newsletters and marketing material to keep you up to date with special offers or events happening on our mountains, or surveys so you can feedback on your experience with us.

Some of the information helps us review and evaluate our own processes so in future we can improve your experience with our services. We may collect, hold, use, and disclose your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with the products and services you have requested, confirm your purchases, facilitate payments and to identify you when we provide those products and services
  • To make sure you get the right product based on your age, height, experience level etc
  • To issue you with a MyPass card and create a unique profile
  • To prevent fraud and theft – we’ll be able to tell if someone else if using your card by connecting your photo to it
  • To manage health and safety matters
  • For any purpose set out in our Cookies Policy below
  • To optimise your experience as either a customer of our products and services or as a user of our websites
  • To conduct our business, which may include reviewing, analysing and improving our own processes
  • To send you surveys so we can get your feedback on our products and services, and to conduct competitions
  • To send you our newsletters, and to keep you updated with our products and services and to provide our marketing material to you, including letting you know about our special offers and promotions by email, Whatsapp, webpush, or SMS (where you have signed up to receive these marketing communications)
  • To communicate with you, which includes responding to any message or enquiry you send us and identifying you when you want to communicate with us
  • To take any action in any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and us, or between you and any other person with respect to our business
  • To comply with our legal obligations, including requirements we have with our insurance and payment providers;
  • For any other purpose we make known to you when collecting your information

Where you enrol your child at Skiwiland, we may disclose your Personal Information and that of your child to Government officials as required by the Education Act 1989 and the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.

Other sections of this Policy also set out other specific situations in which your information is collected, used and disclosed.

We may use and disclose your Personal Information for any of these purposes and in any circumstances authorised by the Privacy Act.

We may also use and disclose your Personal Information in any other manner with your consent, for example where you have elected to share your statistics, we may disclose your name and those statistics on the MyPass leaderboard.




Surveys and marketing communications

We may disclose your Personal Information to third party providers we use to assist us to send you surveys and marketing communications. We provide those third parties with your name and email address. Some countries where such third party service providers are based may not have privacy laws as comprehensive as in your country of residence.

Where surveys and marketing communications we initiate are sent by electronic means that third party will collect information about your interaction with the communication. The information collected includes whether you opened the email or message, your responses, the links you clicked on, the webpages viewed and the dates and times of such access and activity. Information about the device used to access the survey or marketing communication may also be collected. The third party provides or makes available this information to us for the various purposes outlined in this Policy. They may also hold this information on our behalf.

We currently use Watchguard to provide public WiFi, GetSmart to assist us in sending surveys, and Braze, MailChimp and Mautic to assist us in sending marketing communications and collecting information.

GetSmart is located in New Zealand, Braze and MailChimp are located in the United States, Watchguard stores data in Japan. Please read each of their privacy policies to understand the ways in which they collect, hold, use and disclose such Personal Information:

  • GetSmart privacy policy is available here
  • MailChimp privacy policy is available here
  • Mautic privacy policy is available here
  • Watchguard privacy policy is available here
  • Braze legal information is available here

We may change our providers at any time.

While these third parties are primarily collecting this information on our behalf, some of these third parties also use the information that we provide them and which is collected from your interaction with our survey or marketing communications for their legitimate business interests, such as to provide, support and improve the services they provide and to undertake data analytics projects. However, we do not permit them to use your Personal Information to market their or any other person’s services to you. In some cases, such as GetSmart, the survey responses are aggregated with other survey responses and only the aggregated information is provided to us.

If you do not agree with how Braze, MailChimp or Mautic will handle your Personal Information then you will need to unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications from us. You may unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications from us in accordance with the unsubscribe facility in any email sending you marketing communications or by contacting us in accordance with the Contact Us section below.

If you do not agree with how GetSmart will handle your Personal Information then you will need to contact us in accordance with the Contact Us section below to confirm you wish to be removed from our survey list.

If you do not agree with how Watchguard will handle your Personal Information, then you will not be able to use the NZSki free public WiFi. Your information can be removed from this service at your request by contacting us in accordance with the Contact Us section below.

We will not be able to provide surveys or marketing communications to you if you unsubscribe or do not agree to our use of third parties to assist us with our surveys or marketing communications.

Where you sign up to receive surveys or marketing communications from us, you agree that we may disclose your Personal Information to those third parties as set out above.

Other Disclosures of Personal Information

Except as stated in this Policy, we do not otherwise share your Personal Information without your consent, except where permitted by the Act, unless we believe it is necessary:

  • To enforce our terms and conditions, or where we are legally required to do so
  • For us or other authorised agencies to detect, investigate, prevent or address fraud, security or technical issues
  • To otherwise protect our property, legal rights, or that of others; or for the purposes of carrying out the matters noted in the section below on the Management of Personal Information.



Except where we have mentioned in this policy, your personal information that we collect is held by us. Wherever information is not stored by us, we ensure that the security controls and local laws protecting this information meet the same standard as when it is stored by us and meets the requirements of the NZ Privacy Act 2020.



We use third-party service providers to facilitate your payment and manage your purchases. In general, these third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us.

We currently use Windcave Payment Gateway (Windcave) to process your payments. Windcave collect and hold your payment information to perform payment services in respect of the product you wish to purchase. Windcave will only make available to us the information collected by them as required to enable us to confirm payment and provide the services you have requested. Any credit card details stored for payments are done so on the Windcave system. No credit card information is stored by us and Windcave protects your credit card information – at a minimum – to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). The payment information collected by Windcave is subject to Windcave’s privacy policy. For further information, please read Windcave’s privacy policy, available here. If you do not agree with how Windcave will handle your Personal Information then you must not purchase products from us through our website or by use of the MyPass app. We may change our payment processor at any time.

We also partner with Afterpay which provides an instalment payment option. Please view the Afterpay terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Our partnership with third-party payment providers requires we collect your billing/shipping address.

We may also transfer Personal Information to third parties to perform services on our behalf, for example we transfer your Personal Information to our parent company, Trojan Holdings Limited, to hold on our behalf. Their servers are located in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We may also transfer Personal Information to other third parties (including technology providers, providers of business and marketing services and providers of software tools used by us in our business) to perform services on our behalf and to process the information for us. We do not permit such parties to use the information for their own purposes.

Except as otherwise stated in this Policy, your Personal Information we collect is held by us. Our address is set out below.


Your rights

We try to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. If any of your information needs changing, we encourage you to do it in your MyPass account or contact us. You can request access to your personal information at any time – just login into your MyPass account or contact us.


Contact details:

Phone: 0800 697 547
Address: NZSki Limited, Level 1 The Station Building, 9 Duke Street, PO Box 359, Queenstown, 9300, New Zealand

If you have a dispute and we can’t resolve it with you then you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on

This policy is governed by the laws of New Zealand.


We, along with our advertising partners and service providers, use a variety of technologies to understand how people use our websites and to enable us to provide more personalised advertising to you on other websites you visit. To understand how we use such technologies, please read below. This Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy forms part of our Privacy Policy above.

A cookie is a small data file stored on your device, such as a smart phone, tablet or computer, and contains information about your IP address, device, and online activity.

We use both first-party cookies, (those used and controlled by us to provide services on our website), as well as third-party cookies controlled by third-parties.

The cookies we use are either session or persistent cookies. Session cookies only last until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them.


Purposes for which we use cookies
We use cookies where it is necessary for our legitimate interests of conducting our business, which may include managing, analysing and improving our websites or optimising your experience as a user of our websites. Where we have your consent in accordance with the relevant law, or if your consent is not required by any relevant law, we may also use advertising/targeting cookies.

Our websites use the cookies that perform the following functions:

  • Necessary cookies - These cookies are necessary to enable certain features of our websites to operate.
  • Performance cookies - These cookies help us analyse data from our website so we can optimise our services to you. We use these cookies to compile reports and to help us better understand your use of our website. These may be first or third party cookies.
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Third party cookies
Where we use third party cookies, such providers may be based outside of New Zealand and may not have privacy laws as comprehensive as in your place of residence.

While these third parties are primarily collecting this information on our behalf, some of these third parties may also use the information which is collected for their legitimate business interests, including to improve their own services, and to maintain the security of their systems. Our agreements with such third parties include standard data protection clauses. If you would like further information about how our agreements with these third parties protect your data, please let us know.

Where we use thirty party advertising platforms to manage our advertising on third party websites, such providers may also measure ad performance and report aggregate statistics to us. While ad performance and statistics are reported to us, it is the third party and not us that collects the information in these cookies from your use of our website. Accordingly, the use of such information is governed by the third party’s privacy policy.


Disabling Cookies

If you do not agree to the use of cookies or other similar technologies, or would like to block some or all of the cookies or other similar technologies on our website from being downloaded onto your computer or device, you can do this by manually disabling or rejecting the use of cookies through your internet browser. Where the third party is collecting the information you may need to opt out in accordance with the process set out in the third party’s privacy policy or ad preferences material.

Where you have consented to the use of cookies, you can withdraw your consent at any time by disabling or rejecting cookies as set out above.

If you disable or reject the use of cookies some functionality on this website may not be available or it may take longer to use that functionality.

For residents of the United Kingdom or the European Union, where the Data Protection Act 2018 or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies, in addition to the right of access and correction set out in the Policy, you have the right to restrict the processing of your Personal Information, to object to processing of your Personal Information, to the portability of your Personal Information, and to obtain erasure of your Personal Information as set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 or the GDPR. You may also lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.


NZSKI CCTV Privacy Notice

NZSki Limited issues this Privacy Notice to inform our guests of the scope of the personal information that is collected with its Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and your rights in relation to that information. Nothing in this Notice limits or excludes your rights under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

NZSki has CCTV monitoring and recording capabilities at selected sites. This includes Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt and The Remarkables ski areas as well as our Snow Centres, head office and operations facilities in Queenstown and Methven. CCTV cameras are primarily located in guest services, restaurants, cafe, bar’s and other public areas. Additional cameras are located throughout the properties owned or operated by NZSki that cover sensitive areas and processes. Signage advising of CCTV equipment will give notice of public areas covered by such equipment. The purpose of collecting information via our CCTV system is to support the compliance of our Health and Safety and Liquor Licensing obligations as well as supporting the reduction of crime and damage to property. Video footage may also be used to enhance safety training to our staff.

Audio is not recorded.

The security and integrity of your information is of the utmost importance to us and NZSki takes all reasonable steps to protect personal information against loss, manipulation, misuse and unauthorised access. NZSki employs protections against unauthorised access to personal information. NZSki may make archived CCTV images available to official government agencies in accordance with principles 10 & 11 of the New Zealand Privacy Act. Individuals who have been recorded by our CCTV cameras have the right to access that footage and to make any corrections so long as that information relates to you and is reasonably accessible. Video footage is stored for a maximum of 10 weeks unless its archival is required for one or more of the aforementioned reasons. The length of storage of footage varies between cameras so the information may not be available at the time of your request.

You may request confirmation of whether or not NZSki holds personal information about you and if so, you may request access to this information. Access will be granted unless one of the grounds for refusal, listed in the New Zealand Privacy Act, applies.

Any queries about this privacy notice should be directed to:

Brian McAtamney

Chief Information Officer

PO Box 956